Elzė Gudavičiūtė

The actress was born in 1984 in Vilnius.

Elze graduated from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre obtaining Bachelor’s degree in 2009 and Master’s degree in 2011 (taught by theatre director Gintaras Varnas).

In 2013, she started a full-time PhD in Theatre and Film Art (Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre).

Since 2007, Elze performed in various Lithuanian theatres: Lithuanian National Drama Theatre, Kaunas State Drama Theatre, Vilnius “Lėlė” Theatre, Arts Printing House, Youth Theatre and “Keistuoliai” Theatre.

Since 2008, she also worked in Gintaras Varnas’ Utopia Theatre, was involved with the movement of the “No Theatre”, and created roles in film and television. She participated in various international theatre festivals in Europe.

In 2012, Elze was granted the status of artist by the Ministry of Culture, was accepted to Lithuanian Theatre Union, and became a member of AGATA Association (Lithuanian Related Rights Association).

In 2013, she became a member of LiKA (Lithuanian Film Academy).

Since 2013, she has been employed as an actress at the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre.

In 2014-2015, she was invited to work with Schlosspark Theater in Berlin where she created a role of Olga in Dear Treasure (original title Geliebter Schatz).


2014 PhD scholarship for academic achievements from the Research Council of Lithuania (LMT).

2012 Silver Crane for the supporting role of Eglė in the film The Fortress of Sleeping Butterflies (directed by A. Puipa, Studio Uljana Kim). Silver Crane is the Lithuanian film and television award for the most distinguished actors, directors and film specialists.

2012 Golden Stage Cross for the role of Zara in Purge (directed by J. Jurašas, Kaunas State Drama Theatre) and the role of Olga in Expulsion (directed by O. Koršunovas, Lithuanian National Drama Theatre). Golden Stage Cross is the most prestigious theatre award in Lithuania.

2011 Golden Stage Cross nominee for the role of Juliet in The Public (written by Federico García Lorca, directed by G. Varnas, Utopia Theatre).


2013 Sister. Siblings. Short feature film (11:40). Director T. Vaškevičiūtė/ FM Company

2012 Eglė. The Fortress of Sleeping Butterflies. Director A. Puipa/ Studio Uljana Kim production

2011 Jane Harrison. George Cross Heroes. Director H. Hewland/ Dangerous Films production

2009 Valerie Anders. Moonshot. Director R. Dale/ Dangerous Films production

2008 Suicidal girl. I Am Seventeen. Director R. Zabarauskas (Short film)

2007 Waitress. Raging Inferno. Director R. Matsutani/ Wiedermann & Berg Film production


2015 Greta. TV series A Perfect Copy. Director S. Balandis/ TV3 production

2013 Comedy show Beware of Women. Director D. Miniotas/ BTV production

2013 Detective series Criminalists. Director A. Šlepikas/ LNK production

2013 TV program True Life. Director A. Mackevičius/ LNK production

2013 A show of Dar Pažiūrėsim team. Director R. Cicėnas/ TV3 production

2013 Alicija. Series The Ladies’ Delight. Director A. Gradauskas/ TV3 production

2011 Children programme The Merry Family. Director A. Gluskinas/ LRT production

2011 Comedy series Little Lithuania. Director V. Žitkus/ BTV production


2014 Olga. F. Veber. Dear Treasure. Director T. Schendel. Schlossparktheater Berlin.

2014 Galina. M. Nastaravičius. Democracy. Director P. Ignatavičius. Lithuanian National Drama Theatre.

2014 Operator. L.Mortensen. Cosmos+. Director K. Dehlholm. Lithuanian National Drama Theatre.

2014 J. Balodis, G. Dapšytė. Barricades. Director V. Silis. Lithuanian National Drama Theatre.

2013 Daisy St. Patience. Ch. Palahniuk. Invisible Monsters. Director V. Bareikis. No Theatre.

2013 No Awards. Director V. Bareikis. No Theatre.

2013 Bacchante. Euripides. The Bacchae. Director G. Varnas. Lithuanian National Drama Theatre.

2013 Dani. E. Palmetshofer. Hamlet is Dead. No Gravity. Director P. Ignatavičius. Lithuanian National Drama Theatre.

2012 Marija, Ofelija. I. Stundžytė. Ophelias. Director I. Stundžytė. Open Circle Theatre.

2012 Marla Singer. Ch. Palahniuk. Fight Club. Director Vidas Bareikis. The State Youth Theatre of Lithuania.

2012 Tereza, Sorceress. G. Apollinaire. The Breasts of Tiresias. Director G. Varnas. Lėlė Theatre.

2011 Olga. M. Ivaškevičius. Expulsion. Director O. Koršunovas. Lithuanian National Drama Theatre.

2011 Zara. S. Oksanen. Purge. Director J. Jurašas. Kaunas State Drama Theatre.

2011 Shigeko Kubota. V. Bareikis. Mr. Fluxus or Charlatans. Director V. Bareikis. No Theatre.

2011 Madlein. A. Morgan. Tiny Dynamite. Director G. Varnas. Kaunas State Drama Theatre.

2010 Actress Raselė. V. Bareikis. Phone Book. Director V. Bareikis. No Theatre.

2010 Juliet. F.G. Lorca. The Public. Director G. Varnas. Utopia Theatre.

2010 Townswoman. Love and Death in Verona. Director A. Giniotis. Keistuoliai Theatre.

2009 Tango Dancer. No Concert. Director V. Bareikis. No Theatre.

2009 Elena, Bjanka, Witch. Shakespeare. Director G. Varnas. The State Youth Theatre of Lithuania.

2008 Keeper Vida, student Vilija. G. Varnas, A. Liuga. Decalogue. Director G. Varnas. Utopia Theatre.

2008 Claudio Monteverdi’s madrigal operas Il Combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda and Il Ballo delle Ingrate. Director G. Varnas. Utopia Theatre.

2007 Little Medea. S. Osten. Medea's Children. Director A. Gluskinas. Kaunas State Drama Theatre.

2007 Olga Bachurina. G. Labanauskaitė, G. Varnas. The Hail of Stars. Director G. Varnas. Kaunas State Drama Theatre.


2013 FESTIVAL MONDIAL DES THEATRES DE MARIONNETTES. Performance The Breasts of Tiresias. (Charleville, France).

2013 International Vilnius Theatre Festival SIRENOS. Performances The Bacchae, Fight club, and Hamlet is Dead. No Gravity were shown (Vilnius, Lithuania).

2013 XVII International Street Theatre Festival ŠERMUKŠNIS. Performance Mr. Fluxus or Charlatans. (Klaipėda, Lithuania).

2013 Festival of European National Theatres. Performance Expulsion. (Warsaw, Poland).

2013 International SPOIWA KULTURY FESTIVAL. Performance No Concert. (Szczecin, Poland).

2012 International TRANSEUROPA 2012 festival. Performance No Concert. (Hildesheim, Germany).

2012 Chekhov International Theatre Festival. Performance Phone book received a special Critics Award “For Concern for Modern Theatre”. (Chisinau, Moldova).

2011 International festival PASSAGE. Claudio Monteverdi’s madrigal operas Il combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda and Il Ballo delle Ingrate. (Metz, France).

2011 International theatre festival THEATRE EN MAY. Claudio Monteverdi’s madrigal operas Il combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda and Il Ballo delle Ingrate. (Dijon, France).

2011 International festival ACB - SCÈNE NATIONALE DE BAR-LE-DUC. Claudio Monteverdi’s madrigal operas Il combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda and Il Ballo delle Ingrate. (Bar-le-Duc, France).

2011 International theatre festival NEU/NOW. Performance No concert. (Tallinn, Estonia).

2009 Theatre festival of Baltic countries. Performance Decalogue. (Tartu, Estonia).

2009 International Theatre Festival in Moscow ZOLOTAYA MASKA. Claudio Monteverdi’s madrigal operas Il combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda and Il Ballo delle Ingrate. (Moscow, Russia).

2007 International theatre festival RADUGA. Performance The Hail of Stars. (Saint Petersburg, Russia).


2014 (15-17 August) Lithuanian cinema days Litauisches Kino Goes Berlin 2014. Berlin, Germany

2014 (28 August) Short feature film Siblings (Original title - Geschwister) presented in Berlin’s alternative cinema platform Flimmerzimmer. The film won the 3rd place. Berlin, Germany

2014 (06-16 February) Berlin International Film Festival Berlinale. Berlin, Germany

2013 Theatre forum JAUNO TEATRO DIENOS. Klaipėda, Lithuania

2012 International theatre festival TRANSEUROPA 2012. Hildesheim, Germany

2010 Festival of European Theatre High Schools DEKALOGAS – DIALOGAS. Educational arts programme “European School of Arts” as a part of “Vilnius – European Capital of Culture 2009”. Vilnius, Lyon, Strasbourg, Frankfurt, Milan

2010 SUMMER MEDIA STUDIO. International workshop for European film students “Actor in the Cinema: from the Script to the Screen”. Juodkrantė, Lithuania


In 2014 (21 July – 10 September), Elze did a creative internship in Germany. She created a German-speaking role of Olga in Dear Treasure (original title Geliebter Schatz) in Berlin’s Schlosspark Theater. She also visited two universities: Berlin University of the Arts and Freie Universität Berlin.

In Berlin University of the Arts (Universität der Künste Berlin (UDK)), she looked into the methods of actors’ training, communicated with professors and students of acting department, was introduced to study programmes, and observed lectures. In addition, she participated in dance seminars UDK Tanzen Workshops: Workshop Standard I and Workshop Standard II.

In Freie Universität Berlin, she attended lectures on the analysis of music videos (Musikvideo Analyse) and film criticism (Kinokritik).

During her visits at these universities, Elze researched the directing achievements and creative principles of European theatres and the pedagogical principles of contemporary theatre directing.


15 April 2015 39th Annual Conference of LMTA. Elze gave a presentation on “Theatrical Education by Gintaras Varnas: Actors’ Training Principles and Results of Practical Activities” LMTA, Vilnius

3-6 July 2014 Academic study week of Baltos Lankos. Elze attended presentations by S. Žukas, D. Bacevičiūtė, A. Mickūnas, D. Satkauskytė and other scholars. Druskininkai, Lietuva

30 December 2013 International Young Theatre Critics Conference. LMTA, Vilnius


Gudavičiūtė, Elzė (2015), “The theatre pedagogics of Gintaras Varnas: the principles of actor training and practical activity results” [Article in Lithuanian.], Menotyra, 2, pp. 164-176.

Gudavičiūtė, Elzė (2013), “Who were the Bacchae: whores or prophets?” [Article in Lithuanian.], Kultūros barai, 6, pp. 35 – 40.

Gudavičiūtė, Elzė (2013), “Poetic memory of Federico Garcia Lorca from a theatre under the sand” [Article in Lithuanian.], Metai, 10, pp. 124-136.


Translation of play Land Without Words (original title Land ohne Worte) by Dea Loher, from German to Lithuanian. Published in a magazine Literatūra ir menas, 6 September 2013, 32.


Languages: Lithuanian (native), German (fluent), English (good), Russian (good), Italian (basics), French (basics), Greek (basics).

Computer: MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Vertex, etc.

Hobbies: books, films, paragliding, horse riding.